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May 8, 2024

Championing UX/UI in healthcare

Fresh from ViVE, we discuss the latest in digital healthcare innovation. Explore our takeaways on evolving patient experience, UX/UI design, and watch some out-takes from our tech talk.

Qubika team at ViVE healthcare conference

A few weeks ago we returned from the ViVE healthcare conference in Los Angeles, where innovation and collaboration were at the forefront of the healthcare technology conversation. Our team enjoyed connecting with industry leaders and changemakers to discuss the future of digital health experiences.

The role of Design Systems in creating an holistic experience

One of the highlights of ViVE was the presentation given by our Managing Director, Liz Bohlmann. Liz spoke about the critical role (and difference) of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) in the design of effective healthcare solutions.

In the below outtake, she talks about the importance of Design Systems in creating a holistic experience throughout the patient journey. As just one example of their importance, all too often, organizations may work with a dedicated agency for their branding, and then a marketing agency to design and create those same assets – but a lack of a common basis between these parties can result in a fragmented and less than stellar experience for the user. Design Systems help solve this.


Further healthcare insights

At the event we spoke with numerous executives about Qubika’s healthcare expertise, ranging from next generation AI solutions for advanced data management and governance, to creating wearable tech and smart devices to empower health tracking and monitoring. A couple of our takeaways were:

  • Improved data will drive improved patient equity and outcomes. Nasim Afsar, Chief Health Officer at Oracle Health, highlighted how having more data and better information, there are new possibilities to create a better healthcare system. The challenge is that “while clinical data is flowing through information exchanges, most data that impacts a person’s health is siloed and disconnected, existing outside the hospital’s electronic health record system”. This is a key point, and one where here at Qubika we’ve been closely involved in working with organizations in improving this issue of data management, and obtaining more value from data collected.
  • 9 out of 10 patients want a single digital platform to manage their health. This was the finding from a survey conducted by Gozio Health. This speaks to the desire for a more streamlined, convenient, and user-friendly healthcare experience. Here at Qubika we believe that creating these digital platforms is critically important, but all too often in platforms that are available today, the overall user experience can be lacking. It’s for this reason that in her speech at the event, Liz Bohlmann highlighted different aspects of UI and UX design – for example, the importance of applying accessibility standards in the development of digital healthcare services.



Discover more about Qubika’s healthcare capabilities

It was an honor to participate in ViVE and share our expertise in healthcare design and development.

Looking for opportunities to connect? Here’s a list of upcoming digital health and IT healthcare events. We’d love to meet at one of them.

And if you have more immediate needs, feel free to reach out directly. See the below overview of Qubika’s digital health and healthcare innovation capabilities.

charles green

By Charles Green

Marketing Manager

Charles Green is Qubika's marketing manager. With 15 years of experience in the technology services industry, he brings a mixture of technology, business, and marketing expertise to Qubika.

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