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Collaboration for success: OneSignal’s technological leap with Qubika

OneSignal, a leader in customer engagement services, grappled with the challenges of rapid growth. In particular, they wanted to integrate with Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center for market expansion – and by teaming up with Qubika they strategically achieved this.

Qubika assembled an expert team to provide a seamless integration which bolstered their market presence, broadened their service offerings, and ensured sustained growth.

Studios involved

  • App Solutions
  • Platform Engineering
  • Quality Assurance


  • Integration with Visual Studio App Center
  • Refactoring and restructuring of mobile application
  • Full-stack development
OneSignal mobile application
OneSignal logo

The Challenge

OneSignal, the market leader in customer engagement, offers a robust platform powering mobile and web push notifications, email marketing, and in-app messaging. In recent years, they’ve experienced exponential growth, delivering over 7 billion push notifications and establishing limitless platform integrations. With more than half a million live apps utilizing their services, they recognized an opportunity for further expansion.

However, this rapid growth brought challenges. OneSignal wanted to integrate with Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center to broaden their offerings and strengthen their market presence. This required team expansion and specialized technological expertise. OneSignal was tasked with finding the right partner who could help enhance their team’s skills, refine the development process, and contribute to a specific product’s development.



Qubika emerged as the ideal partner for OneSignal, providing the necessary expertise and knowledge to help OneSignal develop their new integration. We put a team of expert developers together, in relevant technological areas, to ensure OneSignal could meet their project’s needs.

We had two main specialist units: the full-stack team and the mobile team. The full-stack team, proficient in TypeScript, React, and Ruby on Rails, focused on the Shopify and OneSignal integration. At the same time, the mobile team from our App Solutions Studio, skilled in iOS with Objective C, Android with Kotlin, Java, and several hybrid platforms, took on the refactoring and restructuring processes of the SDK.

This strategic partnership enabled OneSignal to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center, consequently expanding their services and enhancing their product offerings. Qubika’s contribution not only resolved the immediate challenge but also played a crucial role in sustaining OneSignal’s industry-leading position and setting the stage for further growth.


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