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Cloud, SRE & Cybersecurity

Explore our Cloud, SRE, DevOps & Cybersecurity solutions

With our Cloud, SRE, and DevOps Studio embrace cloud-native solutions for accelerated development, combined with reliable, secure, and scalable environments.

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Embrace cloud-native solutions

The Studio

We understand that the best cloud solution is the one that fits your specific needs. Our expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure lets us design and implement a cloud strategy perfectly tailored to your unique requirements.

We offer comprehensive cloud solutions, encompassing end-to-end architecture design, migration services, in-depth cloud audits, proactive monitoring and support, cloud security, container integration, and CI/CD pipeline development.

Embrace cloud-native solutions

An AWS Advanced Tier Partner

We are an Advanced Tier Partner providing comprehensive AWS services.

AWS Partner

Our approach to cloud engineering

We embrace 5 key principles as part of our cloud engineering philosophy, centered around agility, resilience, automation, scalability, and best-in-class security.

  • Infrastructure as code

    We treat infrastructure like code, using a version management system to log the history of changes and bug fixes. The aim to create a consistent and reliable build that can be repeated.

  • Automation

    We automate key processes such as deployment and local setup for developers. This means we achieve the maximum productivity of development teams while promoting service ownership.

  • Monitoring & Error tracking

    Monitoring the performance of services is essential to ensure a quality service. By using monitoring and error tracing tools, we manage to minimize failures and increase stability.

  • Scalability

    We use container platforms, like Kubernetes, that can adjust performance and cost to changing demands. Efficient resource utilization and dynamic power addition are possible without major cost changes or refactoring.

  • Security

    Our infrastructure always includes fundamental security measures. These include encryption, secure database access, strong authentication methods and automated backups.

  • Infrastructure as code
  • Automation
  • Monitoring & Error tracking
  • Scalability
  • Security
Top providers

We work with the top 3 cloud providers

Our team boasts deep experience managing, optimizing, and automating infrastructure on the world's leading cloud platforms.

Our Solutions

  • End-to-end cloud architectures

    Accelerate your cloud journey with a cloud-based backend and cloud delivery model. With infrastructure-as-code we automate infrastructure provisioning. We use numerous tools including Terraform and AWS CloudFormation.

  • Cloud migration

    A smooth migration to a cloud platform means improved scalability and efficiency, as well as security and compliance. We have expertise with all major cloud providers.

  • Cloud architecture audits

    Our dedicated auditing and cost optimization service provides an integrated evaluation of your environment, development process, and even your culture - assessed against industry best practices and our own experience.

  • Cloud security

    Our cloud security solution helps companies stay ahead of potential risks and ensure their operations are not disrupted. Our approach includes advanced threat detection, risk assessments, and continuous security assessments.

  • Cloud monitoring and support

    With our proactive monitoring and support services, we ensure uninterrupted operations and rapid incident resolution, leveraging tools for real-time monitoring and observability.

  • Cloud cost optimization

    We specialize in minimizing cloud costs without sacrificing performance by analyzing usage patterns & inefficiencies, using cost-effective strategies to maximize cloud ROI, while ensuring quality & reliability.

Increase Productivity

Solution Accelerators

Qubika Solution Accelerators are assets that are integral parts of our solutions and drive 50%+ increase in productivity, efficiency, and time to market.

  • SRE Bootstrapper
  • CI/CD Ready-to-Go
  • Terraform Blueprints
  • Bootstrapper

    This accelerator automates the cloud infrastructure setup and integrates automatic build and deployment pipelines. A typical manual process for setting up infrastructure and provisioning could take many weeks – mixed in of course with the risks of human errors.

    With Qubika’s SRE Bootstrapper we do it in minutes. It enables us to provision almost everything – servers, networks, storages, certificates, domains, scaling automation, and much more.

  • CI CD

    CI/CD pipelines enable the automation of everyday processes such as integrating changes, building Docker images, and deploying new changes. These processes are often quite similar.

    Therefore, our team has constructed workflows that build new versions and securely deploy them to clusters like Kubernetes, ECS, or App Services.

  • Terraform

    There are common components in all infrastructures, such as basic network configurations, provisioning of auto-scalable clusters, or even the setup of email and push notification services. Doing the same work over and over again is not only inefficient but also unchallenging for our engineers.

    Therefore, we have created a set of templates and reusable modules that are optimized for the vast majority of projects.

    These modules accelerate the deployment process, facilitate knowledge sharing, and enhance our deliverables every day.

  • LandId

    Success Stories

    Land Id's seamless cloud migration with Qubika

    Qubika partnered with Land Id to orchestrate a comprehensive migration from Rackspace to AWS.

    Our expertise ensured a smooth transition while optimizing the new environment for peak performance and stability. Leveraging technologies like AWS, Elastic Container Service, and Aurora Database, we implemented scalable solutions to meet Land Id's evolving needs.

    • Flawless migration
    • Enhanced performance
    • Optimized costs
  • Tpago

    Success Stories

    Bancard and Tpago's performance optimization and compliance

    Bancard, a leading financial services provider with millions of monthly transactions and cards processed, partnered to optimize their real-time transaction systems and ensure compliance with global regulations, bolstering the reliability of platforms like Tpago.

    Qubika implemented dynamic scaling solutions, root cause analysis, and robust incident management to address Bancard's needs for scalability and reliability across its payment infrastructure. Technologies included Kubernetes, JRuby, and Dynatrace.

    • Enhanced scalability
    • Optimized stability
    • Regulatory compliance

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