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With over 18 years of expertise in AI, data, embedded and IoT solutions, we provide secure, scalable services for industries like finance and healthcare.

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  • Quantum

    Success Stories

    Qubika collaborates with QuantumIOT to create a robust cloud platform supporting multiple industries

    Our expertise in frontend and backend development, UX/UI design, DevOps, and QA ensured the creation of a secure and scalable cloud platform. This platform supports industry-standard communication protocols like MQTT and REST, and integrates seamlessly with diverse devices.

    With a microservices architecture, it offers ingestion, data analytics, stream computing, machine learning, and data lake services, enabling efficient home automation, fleet tracking, alarm systems, tank monitoring, and supply chain optimization.

    • Secure Cloud Platform
    • Scalable IoT solutions
    • 360 Product Development
    • Microservices Architecture
    • Data Analytics
    • Machine Learning
  • Exo

    Success Stories

    Qubika enhances Exo's ultrasound workflow solution with advanced mobile and backend development

    Partnering with Exo, a Redwood City-based medical imaging company, Qubika helped streamline their intelligent ultrasound workflow solution. This project significantly reduced the cost and time of three-dimensional imaging and treatment.

    Our work included developing the mobile app using Swift, SwiftUI, and UIKit, and building the backend with Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Kubernetes.

    • iOS Development
    • Robust Backend Development
    • Microservices Architecture
    • Medical Imaging Innovation
    • Efficient Ultrasound Workflows
  • CardieX

    Success Stories

    Award-winning 360 product development with CardieX

    Due to our proven experience in healthcare & connected devices, CardieX selected us as a 360 technology partner for their FDA-cleared, award-winning Pulse device.

    Working together, we brought the device to market, becoming the first dual blood pressure and arterial health monitor, targeted at the home health, remote patient monitoring, and decentralized clinical trial markets.

    • 360 Product Development
    • Firmware Support
    • Device Integration
    • UX/UI Design
    • Product Management

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  • 5-6 June 2024
  • California
  • Booth 122
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Manuel and Agustín will be representing Qubika at our stand, ready to share the latest insights and answer your questions.

  • Manuel Calderon

    Manuel Calderon

    Managing Director

    Business enthusiast with 26+ years of experience driving growth. Expertise in product engineering, software development, data, AI, and security.

  • Agustín Derregibus

    Agustín Derregibus

    Firmware & IoT Studio Manager

    MBA, Electronic Engineer, and MSc in Electronic Engineering with 15 years of experience in product and business development for tech companies.

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